Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Pray for my dad. he's having open heart surgery on friday. Enough about that.

I was thinking today about the people who use the whole arguement against God saying that he's "Just a crutch". What's so bad about God being a crutch? I need a crutch. Life is hard. Life is damn hard. And I haven't even been through a fraction of a percentage of what some people have gone through in life. I think I would have killed myself by this point if I didn't have a crutch. I know some people who have grown up with God being a major part of their life and they've still either been successful or attempted killing themselves. Cause life is hard, and there's a war going on with a real enemy. So I say Praise the Lord, cause God has given me a crutch to lean on through his Son.
That is all.