Sunday, November 30, 2003

I love life. I love the unexpected twists and turns that keep you young, and at the same time force you to mature in faith. I love waking up in the morning and being alive. Really being alive. Not just living. Not just going through motions like some programed automaton. I love being so different from the world, sometimes that fact alone reminds me that I'm alive. I forget that for most people the thought of waking up at 5 in the morning on a weekend to make a 7am call time for a church choir is quite unusual. I love living, and knowing that every second of my life has a purpose in the here and now but is also building my future. Life is even more amazing when I realize that I didn't do anything in my own strength to make it this great. It's a gift, a compeletly uneccesary blessing.
I lost my job this week. All Boston Market's outside the States were unexpectedly forced to close this past week. It's a long story that I don't really want to tell, but this whole thing has just taught me so many lessons. I've been personally reminded that I've been born into a world at war. Somehow I don't think the timing of this is a coincidence. People at work were just starting to come to church and open up to spiritual things; someone didn't like that. I've remembered how beautiful the gift of HOPE is. How would I live with out hope? I couldn't, why do you think the suicide rate is so high. People have lost hope. However, the only way you can have hope is to know the hope Giver. He's my Best Friend, my Lover, my Protector and Provider. I've been reminded of God's absolute sovereignty. he is in total control, all the time. Most of all I have been reminded Where my help comes from, Who my trust is in, and that this world will ALWAYS fail us.
There have been some unexpected set backs in the war this week, but some important victories have been won as well. The enemy took a cheap shot this week, thinking he could defeat me by knocking out my line of supply, you'd think he'd know by now that my Comander even watches out for the sparrows in this world. I was blessed and provided with an AMAZING bed this week. A $300 frame and mattress given to me as a pure blessing, no money involved. Sorry if this next statement doesn't set right with some people, but I'm honestly beliving for and expecting more financial breakthrough and miracles in the next couple months. They are comming, and I'm ready for war. I don't know why, and I haven't really prayed about it but I've had this feeling the past few days that my college fee's are going to be paid for miraculously this summer. I don't care what form that miracle comes in (work, jobs, cold hard cash, etc) but I just know in my spirit that there is going to be some miracle breakthroughs happening in that area.
Wow, I know this is sad but I'm actually falling asleep while blogging.
Maybe it has something to do with the 13 hours of sleep I've gotten in the past 3 nights combined. I dunno.
I'm out before the drool short circuits this computer.