Saturday, November 15, 2003

I'm going home. In just a little over 24 hours I'll be making my journey back across America (where I have one last friend to meet up with) and then my journey back to beautiful, sunny Sydney. Praise the Lord. Honestly, these last couple days have been a lot of "persevering". Ok so yesterday was pretty good. Mom took the day off and we conquered about 3 malls in the Dallas area. Seriously, I've never been so spoiled. Now comes the challenge of getting it all back, including all of the thanksgiving food I"ve been commissioned to buy for our Thanksgiving dinner in oz.
My dad's back in the hospital. Nothing serious. Actually, none of us have gone to see him yet. How sad is that. He's been in and out of dr's offices all week because "something" was not right. I guess what they finally found out is that his heart is (was) racing and they just readmitted him so they could put him on some heavy drugs that would get his heart back to a regular rhythm and monitor him. Initially they said he's be in until monday, but he's been responding really well to the medicine and even last night after just a few hours his heart was down to a much more normal rate. So I'm praying he'll be out by today or tomorrow morning so that he can go to the airport with us.
That's all for now folks...see ya on the flip side.