Sunday, November 09, 2003

*memoirs from sky harbour airport*

sigh...I can't live without Jesus. I wouldn't want to live without him. I have to be on emotional over load right now but I"m not sure because I can't feel anything. I sit back and think about everything I"ve lived thorugh just today and the past 3 days and realize the miralce it is that I can still honestly say I love my life. I'm so not in a mood to chronologically recall my day as I so often do, but I know if I don't I"ll forget all the God moments and miracles and I don't want to forget this day. We started with breakfast at Denny's; that fine eatting establishment that has reached such a pinnacle in the food service industry that they now serve "warm syrup". Anyway, we mosied from there leavein behind our waitress with the "warm nose" and headed breifly to the much loved, albeit overpriced Berean...I headed to the trash can, aka the bargain bin, aka, the "what the hell is this cd doing here?" bin. As per usual I found a jewell; DJ Andy Hunter's Exodus cd. $6.99 and it was all mine. Liene got Hope. About damn time. I paid for my cd then saw the magazine rack. I was scanning for a new copy of CCM when I saw the light. A hard copy issue of Relevant...(to be continued)