Sunday, November 09, 2003

*memoirs from sky harbour airport continued*

In an instant all was made clear. I quickly grabbed the last copy and jumped back into a line that was much longer than when I originally was in it. Another successful trip to Berean. We then left and headed to the supposed location of liene's MRI only to be told that it had been sceduled at another location. NOthing like scheduling diffculties to give you peace about your upcomming tests. Liene had paper work to fill out and was mildly distracted so for the frist time in days I reverted back to my roll as chauffer. We arrived at the "real" clinic only to be greeted by a less than sympathetic and quite honestly bitchy receptionist who rold liene I would most likely not be allowed in the room with her during the test. (I could have told you that lady was probably over worked and full of bull. Even with this being my frist MRI experience I kenw it was fairly common practice to be allowed a friedn or loved one in the testing room) So there we sat. Me eatting up my very first Relevant hard copy with POD on the cover and Liene her Christian Women magainzeing with POG on the cover. That's Point of Grace. yeah, I wonder why we're friends sometmies too. Though I think it's safe to say in reality she would be more inclined to listen to POD than POG. We didn't have to wait too long before she was called...Of course I was alowed to go back with her - provided I wasn't pregnant or had any bodily implants. The testing didn't seem long at all to me - I barely got two articles read between all of my praying in tounges and attempts to seek interpretations for those groanings. (I can not even express the joy this gift is when you honestly don't know what to pray.) However, I"m sure the 20 minues seemed like an eternity for lIene who had something like a jackhammer going of inches from her face. When everything was done we got up, liene changed into her clothes, and we went shopping. As if a possibly life altering test hadn't just been taken. Distractions aren't always a bad thing. Once again with keys in hand I drove the car to a bargain shoppers Mecca - Chandler Fashion Center. Home to Nordstrom Rack, Ross, and TJ Maxx. we spend far too much time between Nord's and Ross, over indulging our easily amused flesh. I managed to do minimal damage purchasing only a much needed walled, Sinful (that's what it's called!) lip gloss and a $2 journal for Kate as promised. For lunch we cought up with the ab fab Tara Shalick, who, I found out for the first time, is an Eddie fan as well. we ate at Chipoltle as per liene's reccomendation - a Subwayesque burrito place. The food was fantastic though large and expensive (welcome to america). We sat around giving the "im a nut shell" version of our lives before we drifted to DQ for dessert and Bath and Body Works and Barnes and Noble for our post lunch work out. My paranoia quickly set in as I realized what time it was and how long i had before I neede dto be at the airport. Hind sight has never been more insightful than it's been today...after rushing like a mad woman to the airport and then seriously not wanting to let go of Liene I stood in the longest line of all eternity to be told I couldn't get on the flight that I needed to get on. Pish tosh. I fixed that lady up and she gave me my ticket. After running like a mad woman once again up the stairs towards the gates I waited in the second longest line of all eternity at security. I ran like a mad woman to my gate only to wait, and wait, and finally be told he flight was full. yay for flying stand by. The next flight left in just over an hour at 7:00. I promptly got on that flight and shortly after found out the flight was going to be delayed "a bit". Well I called liene and asked her to call my family and tell them just that, " a bit". Well when "a bit" turned into two hours and I had no way to get a hold of my family to let them know I became stressed because I knew they would be stressed. Blah blah blah long story short I made it into Dallas shortly after midnight and finally got home shortly after 1:00am. I think this day could go down in history as one of the longest most emotionally high, low, and draining days of my entire life. Man, it was good.