Monday, December 15, 2003

Generally I would not bother to attempt a re-write of an entry that had been lost, but obviously someone does not want this out for the world to read. Not that the whole world reads this, but you know.
So I just finished reading the Book of John. I didn't read it all in one go, i read the first half pretty much last week then the second half today. It's so amazing reading a book so quickly like that, I highly reccommend it. You get perspective, and get to read it as the story it was intended to be read as. I used this book called "How to read the Bible book by book"by Dr. Gordon Fee, it's kind of like a commentary but not really. It gives a brief outline of each book and some social, cultural, etc. context and then pretty much kicks you out to read it for yourself. It's really good.
We've lost the story of the Bible. We chop it up too much to fit into sermon outlines and cute little greeting cards, especially the Gospels. "Oo, John 3:16, that's a good verse". "I love the Sermon on the Mount". But we have no perspective. We don't take the time to read the story as it was meant to be read. I think my next book will be Luke, since it's Christmas time and all. If anyone wants to read it with me that would be hecka cool. Like if a bunch of us read it we could all like talk about it and set up debates and stuff..not debates...but like discussions where we could talk about what God was showing us, and about the story as a whole. That'd be sick. If anyone's interested email me or leave a comment or something. I'll totally organize it. Wow, I'm way too excited about that.
I'm out...