Thursday, December 18, 2003

I just wanted to give some much due praise to God. He is amazing. Um, props to the Holy Spirit as well. Thanks for guiding me. Jesus, i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Merry Christmas.
I think I had a dream last night that I got asked to go to North Korea, and I was really excited about it.
Back to the praise. Ok so there's a friend, who's been really sick for too damn long, and long story short she seen a few miracles this week that I just want to praise God for. One of many ailments was a large (i think...don't really know I guess) cyst in one of her kidneys. Well she had an ultrasound done on it a couple weeks ago and the results came back to show NOTHING there. Cyst gone, bye bye, adios, latah mate. Just one miracle of many that need to yet take place.
On the job front, I shall be starting at Macca's next week. (That's the "cool" name for mcdonalds...Lord help me). This is definitely a yay but poo situation. Yay because I havne't been finding any other work and the money's gonna run out eventually and poo for obvious reasons. It's mcdonalds. Another praise in this area is that this whole time that I haven't been working...I've been getting PAID! score. Gotta love the bizzare workers rights rules they have in this country.
Anyway, I"m out. Need to do some reading. I think I've got one, possibly two up for the "Luke" challenge. Anyone else?