Thursday, December 11, 2003

"To live in ignorance of spiritual warfare is the most naive and dangerous thing a person can do. It's like skipping through th eworst part of town, late at night, waving your wallet above your head. it's like walking into an
al-Quaida training camp wearing an 'I love the United States' T-shirt. It's like swimming with great whte sharks, dressed as a wounded sea lion and smeared with blood. And let me tell you something: you don't escape spiritual warfare simply because you choose not to believe it exsits or because you refuse to fight it.
The bottom line is, you are going to have to fight for your heart. Remember John 10:10 - the thief is trying to steal the life God wants to give."

(from Waking the Dead by John Eldredge)

I don't think I'm neccesarily naive to spiritual warfare, but I will say that right now I feel like I'm wearing an "I love the United States" in the middle of an al-Quaida training camp. Or kind of like that giant magnet they have at scrap metal yards...all the crap is being attracted to me.

God is good.