Friday, December 19, 2003

you know what's really funny. When God talks to you in your sleep. I feel like I didn't even sleep last night cause God was talking to me so much. I mean I feel rested, but it was like some seriously productive sleep. And what's really bizarre is that there are definitely two distinct ways that he talked to me last night. One was through a dream. A weird, yet not so weird dream. I definitely know what He was telling me through it...actually it was a huge confirmation of some stuff. I love how God is so faithful to continuously confirm things he's planted in our heart. It's like mini pep talks ya know. like he's saying "Keep going, it's still comming, in my time the promise will come true". Very helpful when you start to lose sight of those things. But yeah it was a very clear, very remembered dream, the meaning of which was very clear. Sorry no details there.
The other way he spoke to me was the same way he speaks to me when I'm awake, Spirit to spirit. But it was weird because I was definitely asleep...I don't wake up for much...but it was as clear as if I was awake and talking to God like I do. He kept telling me "I have the best for you". And then listed all the things now and in the future that he has the best for me. When I woke up he kept speaking this to my heart. I guess he's just really trying to get it into me cause I'm struggling to believe it right now. I'm starting to. The scales are starting to fall off. But I still ask "How is THIS the best?" This is good, I'm very content with this right now, but the best? He sees so much we don't. And he generally doesn't tell us a whole lot of what we can't see at the moment. Oh the frustration.

On another note...
If your name is Sally, and you had lunch with Kendall Payne, can you please ask her what's the deal with her highly anticipated second cd and how an isolated American in Australia can get her hands on it. Thanks. =) And maybe the same for Katy Hudson, who's now going by Kathrine Pwoeialdkfa something i dunno.
Peace I'm out.