Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I have a wrinkle. I'm 20. I have a wrinkle, grey hair (yes, that's plural), am desperately single with not a prospect in sight, I'm overweight though trying to fix that (props to the South Beach Diet for actually working), I'm leaving my country of preference for my country of citizenship in 16 days. Could this be a quarter life crisis? (Hell yeah I'm going to live to see 100...unless Jesus takes me home first.)

It's not that I feel insecure about myself. I honestly don't...unless my grandma's in the room, which she's not, so I don't. I think I've just realized that I'm getting older. I'm not old, but I'm aging, and that's weird. It kind of caught me off guard. Besides the fact that I've been living on my own for the past year, sometimes I still feel like I'm in high school.

I first saw the wrinkle a couple days ago. It's on my forehead, and is one of those lines that's always been there when I raise my eyebrows or make a funny face, but now it's there all the time. No matter what my face is doing. I thought about anti-wrinkle cream, then I remembered how fruitless it is to fight the aging process. You can always tell which women have, and it's not usually flattering. (Example: Cher) So let nature take it's course. I'm still going to continue to revamp my lifestyle (eatting and exercise habits) to maximise the mileage I'll get out of this temporary tent. I'll start praying that God will allow me to age gracefully. I might even start investing in colouring my hair again, but apart from that I hope people will assume wisdom not age.