Monday, January 05, 2004

I saw "Love Actually" yesterday. I'd like to suggest a few alternate titles for that movie:

"Love UNactually"
"Lust Actually"
"Soft Porn Actually"
"The Deterioration of the word 'Love' Actually"
"Hugh Grant plays the same character in every movie Actually"
"More boobs than a National Geographic special Actually"

Yeah I could keep going, but they'd only get worse. The unfortunate thing is that it was a really good concept that just went really wrong because it had a sex addict for a director or something. And seriously what's wrong with the world when we've started to glorify and romantisize adultry. The cutest plots were an 11 year old boy chasing the "love of his life" and a writer who's Portugese house maid didn't speak a word of english but they managed a connection anyway. So if you were contemplating seeing "Love Actually" I would say DON'T! Choose any other British Romantic comedy with Hugh I-can't-act and you'll be much better off.

Why did I see the movie? I met Kate at Hornsby for Starbucks and she had some free vouchers. (quick tangent: can I just say she is one of the most generous people I know. She gave me her watch yesterday. Well she has two, but she said for some reason she felt to put it in her purse yesterday, then we ended up in this conversation about how i lost my phone, my watch broke, and I have no way to tell the time. So she pulled out her extra watch and gave it to me! Some day I will have that financial capacity.) We had a really good chat before the movie though. Kate's grown up in a family that shows less emotion than mine so when I told her the "news" she kind of just stared at me and said "This is me, absolutely devistated." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
I forgot how much it SUCKS leaving people. How could I forget? I've done it enough in my short life time. But this really sucks cause it's totally unexpected and I've never left these people before. "Left" as in permanently. I've left the fam, left church, left friends from school...they're all probably more used to me not being around than being around by now. But I've never had to say good bye to these people, and if it happens, let me tell you I'll be singing "I left my heart in Sydney" the whole way home. I mean to texas.
Actually I think that was part of the reason for the movie...Kate needed a distraction maybe? I needed a distraction come to think of it. Despite the fact that a monkey could have written a better movie, it did take my mind off things for a couple hours. And praise the Lord, it doesn't seem to have had any negative effects on my thinking process. Which truely is amazing cause I'm sure the devil would like to get a bit of lust happening in there at the moment.
I told krysty yesterday...she burst into tears...heathers in denial...amy said "It's not God's will for you to leave." I think "God" and "Amy" in that statement are interchangeable.

I quit Macca's yesterday. I wanted to tell them they could take their fries and shove them up their areses. But I refrained and just said, "I'm leaving the country". I seriously felt like a weight lift off of me.

I have to give Ali's car back tomorrow. And I also have to tell her about all this stuff that's come up since she's been gone. That will suck. Telling her, and giving back the car. ha. We've had some good times me and the Hyundai. I'm going to the beach today, and possibly tomorrow...gotta get all of the good times out of that baby that I can. So I guess that means I'm outta here.
Don't worry, there will be more later.