Saturday, January 03, 2004

You'd think after that last post i wouldn't have anything left to say. ha.
Church was good last night. God's speaking, but He seems to be dancing around the issue at hand. He keeps telling me, "Don't let the enemy steal your peace". Let me tell you I slept like a baby last night...after I got to sleep...after God reminded me again.
We had this guest preacher last night, Danny Guglemucci, from Southside in Adelaide. He reminds a lot of Russ Petrini. In looks only. He's a very fired up, prophetic kinda preacher but not "airy fairy" charasmatic in any way. he's very knowledgeable of scripture and very Bible based, he just gets his sermon ideas from divine revelation rather than "1001 sermon topics". Amazing.
He spoke last night on spiritual warfare, and how 2004 is going to be a year of incredible warfare for the church in Australia. But then he brought it down to the individual level and talked about ways the devil attacks our lives. One of the points was on purpose and destiny. Everything he was saying seemed like it should have been meant for me right now. I should have been getting fired up to fight for my destiny in Sydney. I should have been sensing God saying, "Mel this is for you, buck up kiddo" I should have walked out of there with increased faith and confidence that I'd be here for another year.
But none of that happened. I just felt peace. Peace about what doors is seems God is opening and which ones it seems He's closing, and peace about the fact that if $5000 came from somewhere I would be able to stay. I didn't feel like my destiny is being attacked, it just seems like I've come up to an unexpected fork in the road that God saw coming the whole time.
Later on I started to question. I got a two year visa, I got two years of medical insurance is it God's perfect will for me to be here for two years? Do I need to fight? Just because it seems like every oppotunity I had has been closed, does that mean I just shrivel up and accept it? Was it God's will for me to be here for two years, but because we live in a world at war and us human still have free will has the plan had to change? "Have peace Mel. You're doing the right thing, keep living in faith and keep moving and I'll direct you."

I need to get to church...aren't you lucky. =)