Sunday, February 15, 2004

how much do I love processing without having to think deeply.
So I first saw this on Kara's page, but I guess she actually stole it from Tara. So my thinking is, I'm going to steal this from kara because then everything that's in Bold I have in common with Kara AND Tara. Does that make sense? Hang it doesn't cause what if I have something in common with kara that she didn't have in common with Tara...oh screw it, here's the damn survey.


1. Copy this whole list into your journal.

2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.

3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you. Take note, ALL 100 are about me, the bold ones I have in common with Tara. You bold what you have in common with me then make up new things about YOU for the rest.

Please add a comment if you do it so that I can come read it!

01. I like Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos. A lot.

02. I think the best sound in the world is people worshipping Jesus.

03. I like to read but I usually just fall asleep or day dream cause my attention span is like this - .

04. I’ve done a lot to change my life for the better...but Jesus has done more.

05. I love green beans.

06. I just gotta find a new job. (can you tell I'm being really creative with these?)

07. I have some regrets, but there's nothing I would change.

08. I really need to get new glasses, my eye sight is rapidly deteriorating.

09. I love to cook, and now that I'm home, I do quite often.

10. I really don't like dogs... that smell. The rest of them are cute.

11. My favorite article of clothing is my blue hoody that I got for $3 from Mesa Thrift 5 years ago.

12. I have never been married.

13. I've never been to Bermuda.

14. My favorite color is pink at the moment...but it changes a lot....sad but true, I'm becomming a girl.

15. I can't believe I have just over a year of college period

16. I enjoy a variety of musical styles.

17. I like to spend a lot of time by myself.

18. I like to just sit around and watch movies or tv on the weekends, but I am usually working instead...or at least pretending I'm working so my mom doesn't yell at me

19. I want to travel (all of) the world.

20. I am SO not a morning person.

21. I am a horrible dancer but I have no problem "dancing" and making a fool of myself.

22. There are not too many foods I refuse to eat, one of them is definitely sardines. blech.

23. I love the smell of coffee.

24. My hair looks damn hot in Texas. It helps that it's extrordinarily BIG.

25. My biggest vice is lack of discipline.

26. I consider myself very intuitive.

27. I can be creative at times.

28. I do not see much of my extended family. ...though that might change if I have to move in with them.

29. I definitely have my times when I'm a bit too anal about things.

30. I love fruit...especially mangoes from australia.

31. I have a massive queen size bed that is too big for the bed room

32. I love baby animals. Like who’s going to say, “Damn, kittens suck!”??? this is only bold cuase it's really funny.

33. I just got a new bed and all-new bedding over the summer, and already I want something different....that's only cause my mom bought stuff for the "guest" room, and it's all white. boring.

34. I admire my friends back in Sydney, that are continuting to live by faith there.

35. I am tolerant of different points of view, but I don’t have to agree.

36. I am not as wealthy as I'd like to be. Who is?

37. I hate Halloween.

38. I don't like to be the center of attention.

39. I absolutely hate to dress up....on a regular basis. It's fun for special occasions.

40. I have a brother who is 4 years younger than me but a good foot taller.

41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.

42. I live to make people laugh and smile.

43. I've lived in Arizona for the majority of my life and I can't wait to get back.

44. I love how my fingernails look when they are long, but I have to keep them short for guitar-playing purposes.

45. I have limited patience...with crap drivers.

46. Over the past couple of years I have really grown to love water.

47. I wish I still had my beautiful aussie summer tan.

48. I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie.

49. I obsess when my computer isn't working right.

50. I love road trips.

51. I like silence at times.

52. I am a Christian and totally committed to it and God, although I am NOT perfect. I still mess up.

53. I haven't had a diet coke for over 2 months.

54. I rarely procrastinate.

55. I wish I knew more about make up, and like wearing it well. My friend krysty rocks with make up and she always looks fun. Not over done, but just good.

56. I don't care about name brands for most things like food and medicine and shampoo.

57. Someday I want to have long curly hair. Just to know I could pull it off....oh wait.

58. I become overwhelmed easily.

59. I am not a member of the mile high club....yet

60. I always know the location of my keys and purse.

61. I love the rain.

62. I always strive to do what's right, but it doesn't always happen that way.

63. I overreact about things sometimes.

64. I try to surround myself with really great people.

65. I have not tried a martini

66. I like to people watch.

67. I like easy going people.

68. I’m not comfortable in really warm climates. I am miserable in the heat...but at least I know how to deal with it. As opposed to this snow and crap.

69. I love peanut butter M&M's.

70. I like fun socks.

71. I hardly wear make-up....comparitively speaking.

72. I love the smell of clean clothes in the dryer.

73. I love my online friends....but I hate calling them that.

74. I have learned to say no....but I think I could say it more.

75. I am SO thankful that God controls my future and he is faithfully leading me into it.

76. I prefer pens over pencils. Black ink only.

77. I always have to have chapstick somewhere accessible to me. I freak out if my lips don't feel nice and lubricated.

78. My bra and panties are never a matched set....who's going to see them!

79. My maternal instincts have definitely kicked in...I want babies.

80. I love my family. They're crazy sometimes, but I love them.

81. I own my own's called a "hot wheels".

82. My boobs are there are too many smart ass comments to put here. Just insert your own.

83. I love the smell of freshly showered guys.

84. I am allergic to psycho cats.

85. I love to fly.

86. I daydream sometimes.

87. I think I'm kind of depressed right now, either that or in some kind of weird culture shock, either that or I'm going insane.

88. I'm a really big fan of chick flicks.

89. I do NOT like spiders in australia.

90. I think I'm a pretty laid back person most of the time.

91. I am easily amused.

92. I'm ready for this list thing to be over.

93. I think it is ridiculous that all these celebrities nowadays have more money than they know what to do with, yet there are people everywhere who are poor and suffering and don't even have enough spare change to get some food....AMEN!

94. I have many acquaintances, but only a few I consider real friends.

95. I don't have many secrets from my friends.

96. I always appreciate honesty, even if the truth sometimes hurts.

97. I love to help people.

98. I miss Sydney.

99. I like to buy things for people just because...but I don't always.

100. I'm glad this is done!