Saturday, February 07, 2004

I am not: sarcastic...ever.

I hurt: so much I wish I could vomit and feel better like when you have the flu.

I love: that this shit can't keep being thrown at me forever...right?

I hate: TEXAS!

I fear: I'm giving the enemy a foot hold and not doing a lot about it.

I hope: that God will continue to be faithful, despite my current frame of mind and bless me with an awesome job so I can leave this place.

I hear: Him calling me back.

I crave: understanding

I regret: not trying harder to stay in Sydney

I cry: when all the shit gets to be too much...can't really improve on that.

I care: ...not enough.

I always: feel like I should be doing more with my life than what I am at this point.

I long to: return to normalcy

I feel alone: right now.

I listen: to hip hop...and I like it.

I hide: how I really feel...and then it allllllll hits the fan.

I drive: myself to the point of insanity...or at least I seriously think I could if it wasn't for the Holy Spirit.

I scream: like an emo kid..but only on the inside.

I dance: when no one's looking, and let me tell you, I can shake my ass.

I write: because words give me an outlet to express the chaos in my head.

I breathe: by the grace of God.

I play: mindsweeper. And yes, it is called minDsweeper. Just look at mine...(pun fully intended)

I miss: Hillsong and Sydney.

I search: for a man damn it.

I learn: everyday, that I am not who I thought I was.

I feel: like quitting.

I know: I can't quit.

I say: I'm ok, but I'm mostly lying.

I succeed: by the grace of God...lots of grace happening tonight.

I fail: when I try to write with eloquence.

I dream: of getting married, making babies (and raising them), changing Mesa and TBC, and leaving Texas.

I sleep: like a baby...a flailing baby.

I wonder: why I love australia so much if I'm not meant to live there.

I want: for people to fucking make sense again.

I worry: that I'll accidently swear in front of my family.

I have: the most amazing friends in the world.

I give: my life for the Kingdom.

I fight: the battle of the bulge.

I wait: for sex.

I am: beloved.


(stolen from Kara thanks mate.)