Monday, February 16, 2004

I would just like to say that I am angry at the Daystar christian television network.
They didn't show my church, Hillsong that is, because they did an extra half hour of fundraising. (As if they need it. I guess they could always afford to buy some more hairspray for that guy whose hair never moves.) So instead I turned it to another christian tv station ( i was eatting lunch and really wanting to watch tv while I ate) and watched some other church. It was a baptist church, and the pastor was speaking on spiritual warfare!! Can I get an AMEN! So yeah I listened to him, and he was really good, but man...Why didn't they have hillsong on. Didn't they know that would get them more money than trying to sell some "new" study KJV bible.

The interview with Mel Gibson was surprisingly good.
And my foots asleep.