Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Let's talk about marriage, shall we?

I'm definitely feeling like a wild animal looking for it's prey. And I kind of feel like I can do that here in Dallas where I don't know a soul. When I venture out of the house by my self, I am definitely watching guys, not necessarily in the "oh, he's hot I want his number" kind of watching, but more in a "I definitely don't/do want that characteristic in my husband".

Then there's that word. Husband. It sounds so old, can't we come up with a post-modern word for husband. I'd substitute the australian "partner" but come on, everyone knows that makes you sound like a homosexual couple. I got bit by the marriage bug about a year ago, I thought it would have gone away by now, everyone else told me it would go away. It's still here, and seemingly stronger than ever. I don't know if it's simply the power of suggestion, since everyone and their mother has gotten or is getting married this year, or if it truely is God preparing me for the future. I'll assume it's the latter.

I'm excited to get married. And not just for the wedding, and honeymoon, and showers...though I'm sure those will be fantastic...I'm excited to be a wife, and to spend my life with someone. If you would have told me even three years ago that at the rediculously young age of 20 I'd be seriously considering marriage, I would have said "hell no". Actualy, I would have said "heck no" three years ago. I'm backsliding. In the book, "Divine Dance" that I mentioned last week there was a really good chapter on dating and marriage. However, the author mentioned that girls between the ages of 15-20 should not even think they are ready for a marriage relationship. Part of me totally agrees with that. Liene keeps telling me people change the most between 20 and 23 or something like that. However, most people during those years are just starting to live on their own, just coming out of college, just entering the real world. I'm not saying that in the 3 yeras since high school I've experienced everything or that I fully even know who I am. But I can tell you for sure this past year alone has taught me more about my self than the previous 19 years COMBINED.

Can anyone be fully prepared for marriage? I highly doubt it. But I do know that love is a verb ( i don't care what you've heard) and the action is not sex, contrary to popular opinion, but commitment which I feel I could do succesfully. But there will definitely be sex involved as well. So really, the only thing missing is a man. Small problem.
I have more to say about this, but I am already running late for an I shall return later.