Monday, February 02, 2004

oh hi there. I'm in America. I'm in Arizona. I'm at liene's house on her computer.
Life is weird I tell ya what.
Life is so weird that I spent 2 nights with one of my best friends and didn't cry when I drove away cause I'm in America now, and surely that means I'll see her soon.
I went to my church on sunday. Despite the lacking music, and the somewhat unchallenging sermon I didn't miss Hillsong. I was home. One person who I was slightly nervous about seeing, who I had had bad dreams about seeing, and who happened to be leading worship said, "If I would have known you were going to be here I'dhave you play with us." That was really good. I mean I know it sounds lame that I was nervous cause of a dream, but God speaks to me through dreams.
Last night I watched the (shocking) Super Bowl with a bunch of friends and it was almost as if I'd never left. I love these people so much. Tonight I went to coffee with friends, band practice (some things never change), and popped in and out of youth group (see previous sarcastic comment in parentheses). Tomorrow I'm meeting with my worship pastor, and hanging with the fam.

In other exciting news my friend got published at today. Check out this link and the article. It's really good, and she's pretty damn excited. Leave her lots of comments. She'll like that. Damn good article
Well I'm off to bed. I totally haven't gotten over the lag cause liene and I have been staying up way too late talking about how sad it is that we're not married and everyone else is. It's a hard knock life. Night.