Wednesday, February 18, 2004

So, have you seen Mona Lisa Smile? I saw it today, and seriously thought about walking back in for the next showing. The really weird thing is, because it came out while I was gone, I had heard NOTHING about this film, except that a friend told me it was really good. And as it started, I realized I had no idea what the movie was about, who was in it, if it did well at the box office or anything. I don't think I"ve ever watched a movie like that before, and I really really liked it. I had no preconceptions and was able to just make up my own mind. Part of me can't believe a movie like that made it into main stream Hollywood. It seemed pretty autobiographical of the current industry, just with a different setting and time period. A huge part of my passion in life is to do what Julia Roberts was trying to do in the movie, to teach people to think for themselves, but more in the church. Christians tend to be such sheep, and I mean apart from the He is the shephard we are the sheep thing, I think it's generally bad because we have stopped thinking for ourselves. So I could see a lot of myself in her character and the frustrations she went through.

It was also really weird seeing a movie in a theater by myself. You know you are a loner when you have to go to the movies alone. Cry a sad song.

In other news, I would like to annouce that today is a historic day. Today these words came out of Liene's mouth and were directed to me. And I quote, " I was wrong and you were right". End quote.
I wanted to make sure this day is commemorated and has carries the significance due it. I am right. =) Oh, and how right I am.