Wednesday, February 25, 2004

So I'm on my way to go buy my ticket to see The Passion today. I'm not super excited but I'm going to do it. I had two major revelations last night. Well, at least they were to me.

1. I was watching the late episode of Entertainment Tonight and they were showing about 10 angry Jewish "leaders" (which of course translated into a "mob") in New York City that had just seen the movie. They were outraged. One guy I think was a councilman for NYC and said Mel Gibson should be, "ashamed of himself". One lady was histerical crying saying something like she wished Gibson understood the passion with which the Jewish people have been/are hated and how this movie is going to incite anti-semitism.

My heart broke and I honestly started crying. They missed the WHOLE POINT. Did they blink during the part where the subtitles read "You have no power other than what you are given. You don't take my life, I lay it down" I mean I haven't even seen the movie yet, but I"ve seen that clip. And that IS the point. No one killed Jesus. Jews, Romans...they were all pawns, players in this continually unfolding story known as life on earth. He GAVE his life away. And it physically hurts me that Jewish people are still missing that point. HIS people. 2000 years later the prophecies still ring true. Pray for Jews that the stronghold Satan has over their lives would be broken. And if you personally know anyone or have any Jewish friends LOVE THEM! my dad just called and his car broke down on the freeway, which might stall my movie plans, and has stalled my second point...which I shall return to later.