Thursday, February 26, 2004

Well after towing my dad's Rodeo with "my" Ford Ranger 30 miles on the freeway yesterday afternoon I did get to see The Passion. I was kind of in a hurry to see the movie before I wused out.
The second point I wanted to talk about yesterday was definitely confirmed by my watching the movie.

The hardest part about watching the proceedings of those very long 12 hours was that it was like watching the wrongful condemnation and execution of your best friend. If your a Christian, this story is so much more than a part of history. It's a part of YOU. It's a part of your spiritual make up. It defines you. You have a relationship with this person, and if it's a good relationship you talk with him, you listen to him, you work and play with him and then you watch him get killed....for the good of the relationship. It's a hard reality to come to terms with. I think we have so distanced ourself from the story of Christ that seeing it in this confronting format kind of turns your thinking upside down. Or into mush if you're me. There's so much I want to process about this may be a few days before it's all out of me.

I want to write down my initial reaction that I wrote down in my paper journal whilst sitting at Starbucks right after the movie.

I just saw The Passion I didn't really cry. I just froze. Even now as I'm sitting at Starbucks "processing" I'm still trying to loosen my jaw that was locked. It's horrifying. NOt in a scary sense but in was me that put him there sense.

Jesus, how did you make it to the corss? How did you endure? No mere human woud have lived through the scourgings. Was is because of the prophecies? How could you have even been mentally strong enough to consider them? After watching you endure all of that, I woudl say those were the hours when your diety shone brightest. It had to have been a supernatural power keeping you alive so you could naturally die on the cross. How did you carry it? Even Simon who was healthy, young, and strong couldn't bear the weight.
Your grace. Your mercy. You created them. They spat on you. With each beting all I could hear was, "I love you". You said it to me. You said it to them.

There's so much more to say...but I think I'm out of words.