Friday, February 13, 2004

well the valentines rant has been post poned indefinitely. I just don't have the time. Or the will power. Plus it's too cold to type, or think, or move. I think I'm kind of in a mild depression right now. I was just thinking about the past 3 weeks of my life...well it feels like a lifetime in and of itself. I think it's finally all caught up to me. You can only run so long. So instead of desperately searching for a job today I "took the day off'. I did some stuff around the house for mom, but mostly I read, and sang, and wrote, and played, and went to Half Price Books. Oh, that store is a money hole.

Yesterday I went to 75% Off Books (yeah, how's that for marketing) and ran across a book that Jack had quoted in her blog. It was only like $2.25 or something rediculous (75% off!) so I bought it. It's called "The Divine Dance", and it's really good. What I didn't realize is that it's written for high schoolers, but a lot of the stuff is still right on, and I could definitely see the author writing a more "mature" version or something. But um, the last line in this paragraph really hit home to me for some reason, and i thought I'd put it up here.

"But as David's life went on, he eventually stopped dancing for God and started dancing for his own pleasure. His mistakes led to deadly consequences, as they do for all of God's children. If God has called you to dance for Him, He will never let you get away with dancing for another."

Ah, the truth. Powerful stuff.

Um, so I wrote a song on the piano yesterday. As I told liene...I was impressed with myself. I've never written a song on the piano before. And it's pretty good too. Granted the reason I sat at the piano was to try and replicate a song Norah Jones had just played on the Today show...well I wasn't really trying to replicate it, cause I know that's of no I guess in a sense it's kind of a rip off, but it definitely morphed into it's own. And while I'm at it, is there a such thing as a song that's NOT a rip off?

Laundry's done. I'm out. Damn I'd make a good wife.