Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Here's an idea (and proof that I really am blonde at my roots).
Maaaaaaaaybe God has me in TX to teach me to LET GO. To really sand down and mellow out my control freak tendancies. Maaaaaaaaaybe God knows what He's doing. Maaaaaaaaaaybe God's trying to teach me how to be a better follower, to submit to others, but also to reinforce that I truely am a leader.
Right now I am known around my dad's church as "the guitar player". I love playing dont get me wrong. And I love just being back up in front and being a lead worshipper and all that jazz. But...I seriously don't know how musicians do it! When I get back to Mesa, the first thing I'm going to do is get together all the musicians I've worked with over the years and thank them non-stop for the role they played. Seriously I'm not cut out for this. You get no say! That's something else I'm going to change when I get back to Mesa. Assuming there will be a spot for me to lead worship on occasion, I'm definitely going to make sure the other people know they can have a say. Seriously! Speak up! Let's be a band and figure this out together. I will also remember to NEVER, EVER make guitarists play hymns. At least not hymns that are arranged traditionally with 50 bajillion chord changes per measure.
Ok so I'm playing for the women's retreat in a couple weeks, which I'm really stoked about and really excited to be in volved with. But tonight the lady in charge gave me a folder of music, and I was looking through it, and I'm like...I hope she doesn't really intend on USING all these. There are seroiusly like 20 songs in there for 4 sessions on a weekend! What the... That's like 5 unique songs per session. (look at me, bustin the math skillz dawg) Seriously though! If IIIIIIIII were in charge I would say 10 songs max for the entire weekend. Retreats are GREAT for introducing new songs and singing them every session. Ok not like all new songs but definitely one or two that can really coincide will with the theme of the weekend. I'm working with amatures people. But that's ok. It's good. I mean really there shouldn't be any "professionals" in the kingdom. That's a revelation I had yesterday that I totally just contradicted in my frustration. What's even more frustrating is that I've forgotten about my chai, so now it's gonna be super strong and cold. Brilliant.