Thursday, March 04, 2004

I got a joooooooooooooob! I got a jooooooooooooooob!
Well...kinda. It's only a one day assignment for next monday, but STILL! That's more than I've worked in...2 months. =) man I'm a lazy ass.

I registered with this temp agency 2 days ago and seriously, they've been working so hard for me. It's really amazing. They called me and asked if I coudl do an emergency job today, but I already had an appointment to take my great aunt out to run errands today. It was great fun, but I coulda used the money. But yeah, the guy that's been calling me and stuff is trying to hook me up with this longer term temp position, so who knows.
Anyway, I like these people. If you ever need a temp agency go to Remedy Staffing. They're all over the country supposidly.

Well I'm off to fix dinner. woo hoo. I really think I might last 4 weeks as a house wife. This cooking and cleaning thing is gettng old.