Friday, March 26, 2004

Where have all the posts goooooone? Doese anyone else remember that song "Where have all the cowboys gone?" By that chick that didn't shave her pits. I remember seeing her on Rosie and was like, DUDE shave your pits if you're gonna go sleeveless!

This is gonna be a real random blog cause I just have a million random things floating around and once they are out I think sanity might return.

So I've been thinking about phone numbers a lot recently. More specifically how we write phone numbers. See in the olden days when I was growing up, you always wrote phone numbers like this (123) 456-7890. That's just how you did it, so that's what has been ingrained in my head. But now, there are all these NEW ways of writing phone numbers, and frankly I can't keep up. Here are a few examples of phone numbers I've seen recently:
123.456.7890 (how very european, and we all know the european are heathen, ungodly people) (THAT"S AJOKE! see the website referenced in yesterdays post)
123-456-7890 (what happened to the () how will I know it's an area code without the ()?)
1234567890 (now what the heck is that, but i'm not joking, that is how I've seen phone numbers people!)
123/456-7890 (ummm huh? is that a 7 with out the hat? or a itallic 1? CONFUSION!

And last but not least here in the Dallas metro area there are 2 main area codes for landline numbers 972 in suburbs and 214 in Dallas proper. So I've discovered that people like to write these area codes in some sort of "shorthand" because "everyone" knows the codes. so, for example if a number is written 2/ 123-4567 it's the 214 area code, and if it's 9/123-4567 it's the 972. Now for some reason I am not opposed to this, as long as the short hand is being communicated to someone who is not from the area. (yeah it took me a couple seconds to catch on to that one). It's time effecient and much easier when you're on a call and getting a number from someone.

All I'm saying people is think seriously about how you choose to write your phone numbers. Make it clear, concise, and if you have some weird short hand, make sure people know what you're talking about. I mean this really could be disastrous. What happens if you give Mr. Right your digits, but he's confused about how it's written out so he doesn't even bother to call. This is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Now onto lighter things.
Pregnancy and motherhood.

No I'm serious. Well maybe it's not "lighter". Anyway...
I've been reading a book this week called "Standing on the Promises" by Susan Wales. It's ok, pretty light weight compared to my last read. But good stuff nonetheless. Basically each chapter is a different "storm" people face in life (Singleness, marriage, infertility, lack of finances, sudden death/tragedy, etc.) and she gives lots of stories (I love stories) and "Promises" to stand on from Scripture. One of the chapters I read yesterday (at work...where I am now) was titled "Empty Arms, Empty Crib" and was obviously about infertility and the struggles couples go through to concieve or adopt a baby. Now, I realize I am young, single, with no prospects in sight, and really no desire to have kids for quite a few years but I firmly believe in preparing and being educated for the future. The more you can do NOW, and the more you can figure out how you would like to handle things then NOW, the better off you'll be i reckon. Ok, well, I need to clarify...yes, i AM a planner, BUT I also realize that you can't really plan out your life. You can to the best of your ability but as an intelligent person once said, "Shit happens" and the the plan changes. So I'm not saying that I have all this stuff set in stone for the future, but I just like to think about it and different scenarios. Back to the point.
There were all these stories about couples who couldn't have kids. Some eventually, miraculously concieved, some adopted, and some had their hearts desire flipped around by God and were able to use their time raising "spiritual kids", being involved with the youth group and kids who didn't have parents involved with their lives.
I recently had a conversation with Liene kinda on the same topic. More just about how women take for granted that they will be able to have biological kids. That's something I've always wondered about myself. Like will I physically be able to have kids. There were a good many years when I didn't even want to have my own children...but that was when I was 12 so I'm kind of glad I didn't...but honestly, even all through high school and stuff I just always really wanted to adopt. That's changed a bit, and I guess if I can have kids, and if my husband is ok with it I will. But after reading about the couple who was so involved with the youth at their church, and another couple who were able to actually be GOOD foster parents (a constantly heartbreaking thing, so I'm not sure I could handle that) I was thinking that I'd actually be ok if I couldn't have biological kids. Of course saying all of this from a totally single position in which there is no man and no love and no desire have our "own" involved. I actually found myself thinking, about all the extra time I would have if I DIDN'T have my own kids that I would be able to invest into unloved kids. The one lady that was a youth pastor wife said she had dressed more girls for prom and been to more high school ball games than if she'd had her own.
I don't know, I mean I haven't come to any real conclusions and obviously I can't cause it's just ME, but I think it's just really good to read stories like this and seriously think about the possibility of not being able to have kids, or even wanting to, and all the other options involved. It's all part of living life to the fullest you know?

Here's another thing I've been thinking about. (sorry for the monster's been a while) I really want to be in a band. That sounds so lame. "I wanna be a ROCK star". Not really. What I really want is friends that are musicians, that live near me, that are my age (as opposed to like the worship team at my dad's church), that are creative and decently good at what they play that I can play with, jam with, create with, bounce things off of. I'm feeling it ...(not like Blink) but just wanting to create music with other people. I love being involved with worship and stuff when I can, but honestly, there's not much creativity or originality involved. E A C#m B, thought a favorite of mine, gets dull. Especially when there is NO dynamic, NO sensativity to tempo. etc. boring. Apparently, my dad said the youth pastor at church wants to talk with me about leading for youth stuff, which I would LOOOOOOVE to do, and apparently there is a guy that just joined the church who spent a couple years with YWAM in NZ who is in a band and wants to get involved with playing for youth stuff, so there are some opportunities comming up...on the other had I'd just like to get back to AZ where I KNOW there are opportunities.

Well I think that's about it for now. I've actually got a few things I can do around here. Shocking but true. So peace I'm out for the weekend. I'll be back on Sunday to share all about a weekend spent with women 20 years my senior. Can't wait.