Monday, March 15, 2004

You know what really annoys me? The world's view of sex. I know that must come as a shock. But seriously. I was watching this show tonight, a show I usually enjoy and agree with and actually tonight it could have been a lot worse. Out of three couples that were contemplating sex, none of them went through with it, and rightly so. But a couple things that really annoyed me were:
1. A negative view of virginity
2. A casual view of sex

Now right now you're probably thinking, "Mel where have you been the past 30 years?". Well I'm only 20 so for 10 of those years I was non-existant and for the other 20 I've just been hanging around. I know casual sex and the stigma acompanying virginity are not new things...but I don't know I guess I've been sheltering myself recently and tonight it was like, oh yeah...crazy people think like that. And it bothers me cause there's already one generation that considers that way of thinking "normal" and now it looks like there's going to be another. Again, probably not a super deep thought. I'm sorry, I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here.
So in the show one of the girls is like "You don't want to end up like so and so's sister. She's 29 and still a virigin" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW IS SHE LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure there are worse things. She could stay home every night. Wait around for Mr. Right. Oh wait, that's Rizzo. No but seriously, she could be 29 and riddle with std's or 29 with 4 kids and not married or 29 with no kids, no std's but emotionally wrecked for life.
Now, I do have to give the show props cause it wasn't just like these people were bed hopping. They were having real and serious dialouge about sex, and treating with at least some of the respect it deserves. But not once was the bonds of marriage mentioned. One girl said something like, "Sex is complicated, I don't know why. BUt I like to talk about it before doing it, not during" Gee, I don't know why sex might be complicated when you're trying to figure out who to sleep with and who to not sleep with.

This all seems a bit elementry to me, probably because it is. But it really annoyed me and I wanted to talk about it ok. Geez, get off my back.