Sunday, April 11, 2004

He is RISEN!

My prayer is, and the burden that God has put on my heart for this Resurection day, is that it would be one of salvation and renewal of relationship. I just have a sense that all around the world, today is going to mark a significant day of first time salvations and lives turned back to him. That this wouldn't be another religious or consumer holiday but that it will really hold the significance and power that it's meant to. There a lot of people I personally am praying for. Friends, acquaintences, former co-workers, parents of friends, relatives all of whom either have yet to make a first time descision to follow Christ or aren't living it right now are weighing heavy on my heart. If you're randomly reading this and don't know God personally but you know it's not a mistake you're reading this PLEASE email me or leave your email in a comment or gb entry or something. I really want to get to know you.

I went to church this morning probably more out of obligation than anything else. Well that and I believe in the corporate body of Christ, and tho I feel very much like a lone ranger at this church still, there is power in community and unity. But what I was really looking forward to was after church when the rest of my family would be at the second service, I would have the house to my self to crank of the Hope DVD whilst preparing scalloped potatos and deviled eggs for our lunch this arvo. It was really great. I honestly feel personally renewed and have my focus right. On top of that I got to watch Joel looking mighty fine while singing "Free". No I was NOT lusting in worship. But seriously people, the boy looks good. After that I played some piano and had a bit of a quieter time of just worship and chatting it up with God. I don't know why I"ve been preferring piano over guitar when it comes to times of worship these days. I think maybe cause I get distracted by my guitar playing cause I want it to be perfect and I know that my piano skills are like zip so I can just play basic and it doesn't bother me. Anyway...I think my potatos are about done and I think I need to go put another coat of nail polish on before we leave for lunch.

Happy Easter everyone...He is risen indeed!