Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hey so for anyone out there who leads worship or is involved with worship in any way, I think I just found the BEST tab site I have ever come across. Seriously, every song I was looking for they had. (Some songs don't have lyrics cause of copyright stuff, but some do). But check this, there are a bunch of different options on how you can view the chord sheets. So you could do just chords, or just lyrics for your singers, and they even have an "overhead" one so if you use overheads you can just print that sucker out and not worry about formatting. You can also search songs by author, title, or text which is a big help cause 99% of song titles usually aren't what you think they should be. And my favorite feature by FAR was the modulating feature! HALLELUJAH! You can pick a song, and there's a little tab on the left and you can pick whatever key you want the song in and it AUTOMATICALLY changes the key for you. Ok did I say HALLELUJAH?! Seriously, I reckon this is huge. For all of us who aren't musical geniuses, or just out of practice, or lazy, or don't have lots of time this is a great tool. ANd it's all FREE! Seriously, check it out and send them some love for their amazing web site. It's all atwww.pwarchives.com