Sunday, April 04, 2004

I think I'm going to go mental trying to keep up with all the time zones now that our clocks changed. I need like 5 clocks in my room set to all the time zones I regularly call people in. You know like how they have in travel agencies and stuff. yeah. Cause I think right now I am two hours ahead of AZ, 3 ahead of CA, 3 behind Sydney if you flip flop the am and pm (which is really like21 behind or something..I dunno I could be way off with that one) and I can't remember if we're the same or 1 hour behind the east coast. All i know is that my head hurts from trying to keep it all straight.

Speaking of sydney...I miss it. I finally got to talk to krysty kay last night. Gotta love that girls laugh. Definitely haven't heard that for a long time. I also talked to Al who tried to make excuses for her slackness, but whatever. I tried calling leah but apparently she doesn't believe in telephones anymore. I found out that Ali went to church with Leah and Al which is cool, cause I reckon it's a good church and she could fit in pretty well if she was willing to make the drive. I think I could write a soap opera about all of the relationships I have with people that randomly weave in and out of my life. Instead of "Neighbors" we could call it..."Worlds Apart" or something catchy like that, cause I mean really we all are. Except for lucky people who get to go study in sydney...oh wait. I must say though I'm really questioning God about the fact that I had to leave sydney before krys got a chance to study there. It makes me sad. We would have had such good times. And once again we will not be in the same time zone for more than a year. Actually I think 11 months is the one to beat right now. It all comes back to time zones...and sex...but that's another discussion.

I think I'm going to go play my guitar. After a trip to Guitar Center this arvo where I played a BEAUTIFUL $2600 Taylor 614 w/ expression on an amazing California Blonde acoustic guitar amp my crap as Fender isn't gonna be much fun. Maybe I'll play the piano instead. But if anyone feels like the Holy Spirit is leading them to buy me that Taylor (my 21st is coming, don't forget) you just go right on ahead!