Monday, April 26, 2004

I'm reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald (Don) Miller. It's changing my life. You should check it out at The book is making me do crazy things like find out what's really going on in politics at, think again about going into full time missions in crazy countries, check into places around dallas where I could serve people who don't get to be served alot, and it makes me really really really want to get back to Mesa where I have established relationships with people who aren't Christians and start growing those relationships again. It makes me want to read my bible with passion not obligation and write music to tell God thanks not to say "I wrote a new song today". It makes me want to never own my own car or home or lots of clothes or spend money on stupid crap. It made me mad the other day when I was listening to Sean Hannity on AM radio, only because I was waiting for the traffic report, and I heard him talk about the 6 cars he has bought in the past TWO YEARS! The six included two Cadillac Escalades and four Chevy Surburbans. This from a man who has spoken freely about trying to follow Jesus, and is a pretty prominant political figure. In the book Miller talks about how Christians would much rather believe that feeding the hungry and clothing the naked can take the form of a trickle down economy rather than actually going out and feeding them and buying them clothes. This book is turning me into someone I think my parents will disagree with a lot more than they do now. Although I'm going to try and pursuade my dad to read it when I'm done. We'll see how that goes. Could create a lot of tension.

All I'm saying is check your heart, check out the book, and check out what Jesus was really talking about.