Friday, April 23, 2004

Ok I know I'm about 24 hours behind the times in writing this, but I'm sure the shock of the situation is still lingering.


Now, I know I've given up swearing but this definitely deserves a, "WHAT THE HELL!"

Seriously America...are you deaf? Are you freaking deaf? That girl should have won the whole thing. There has not been one contestant in the history of AI to bust it like that girl can. Her's was one of the performances I caught in it's entirety on tuesday night and I honestly had chills up my back. The woman is a-freaking-mazing. AND SHE LOST????

I'm starting to think this season is rigged. Seriously. The fact that the red head Casper John what's his face is still in is flat out wrong. The boy sounds like the chipmunks. And even if Diana is a cute little southern bell, she sounds like she eats a tub of yogurt before every performance. The girls that were in the bottom 3 should have been the remaining top three...or four at least. ( I like George, he's cute) And to think that America picked Jasmine look-at me-I'm-Hawaiian-cause-I-have-a-flower-in-my-hair Trias over freaking Jennifer. OHHHH NO girlfriend. I'm also beginning to wonder if America still isn't steeped in racism and sexism. I'm not gonna really jump on that bandwagon cause I might get people on my back, but just look at the facts that's all I'm saying.

Seriously, I wish someone with power in the journalistic media would do some kind of expose. This is flat wrong. ARG. I will definitely be waiting for her album to come out though. You know when Elton John says that this was a tragedy that someone is gonna pick her up with a fatty record deal.

In other American Idol news, if you were watching the performance show on Tuesday night, you most likely saw the hot and AMAZING Guy Sebastian, winner of Australian Idol. I squealed when I saw his head in the second row of the audience poking through Paula and Simon.

In other Paula Abdul news, I can't get the chorus of "Straight Up Now" out of my head. ANd pretty much all I know is "Straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever, oh oh oh..." over and over again. Lord deliver me from evil.