Monday, April 19, 2004

Praise the Lord I finally finished the book I didn't want to read.

I'm going to quote a few sentences from the closing paragraphs and then comment on them briefly:

"So what should Abraham look like? For starters he should look like us...he should embody the timeless values he's represtend for four millennia...a wanderer, a man of the frontier, who's prepared to leave the comfort of his family for the sake of the family he wants to create, and who admits that he can't do this alone but needs a partnership with God in order to realize himself more fully...The Abraham I long for would be a bridge between humanity and the divine, who demonstrates the example of what it means to be faithful but who also delivers to us God's blessing on earth. And this Abraham conveys God's grace through his children...perceptive enough to know that his children will not always embrace the fullness of God's blessing, the will not endlessly dance "kumbaya" around the campfire, the will fight, murder, fly planes into buildings, send bombs into schools, and generally try to squander God's generosity..."

Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? The "Abraham this guy is looking for is JESUS! HELLOOOOOOOO.
Seriously in the last 3 or 4 paragraphs of this book that is exactly what he is describing...with a few exceptions like "God-fearing but also God-not-fearing" but that's just cause he's still blinded to the whole Jesus fact. All in all, the book got better as it went along, but I still wouldn't recommend it.