Tuesday, April 06, 2004

So I realized that a few posts back there somewhere I said something to the effect of trying to make my posts more positive and less whiny. Well the truth is, life is kinda not feeling so positive these days, but feelings are fleeting and i KNOW that my life is blessed. Even if I don't feel it. So I'm feeling really compelled (my new favorite word that I stole from Sara Groves and the TBC mission statement) right now just to write a bunch of stuff I'm thankful for, and things and people that bless me. I don't know where this is gonna go, cause it's all very spontaneous, but hopefully we won't get too superspiritual. However, I will start with:

1. The Holy Spirit...cause He helps me out a lot, and comforts me a lot, and tells me it's all gonna be ok. He allows me know know the truth of my Father's love for me, and constantly reminds me of that truth when I'm not feeling it.

2. The fact that I have to have the coolest friends in the world. I mean seriously, this is one area of my life that is ABUNDANTLY overflowing with blessing. I don't think I can ever be thankful enough for my friends. Even when I am not physically near ANY of them, my relationships just continue to grow and encourage me and challange me, and I hope visa versa

...I'm gonna have to return to this later cause it's time for lunch...I'll be bahck.

I'm thankful for:

3. Not having to worry about where my next meal is comming from right now. I may not be rich, but at least my rent is paid, utilities are taken care of, I have a house full of food and STUFF, a car, a cell phone, and a whole bunch of other luxuries.

4. Music. I love music. Seriously, God speaks to me through music probably second only to his word directly. I love making music, and singing and playing and using the little gift God has given me in that. I can be in such a crap mood and then a worship song will just pop into my head, and I'm reminded of what it's about.

5. This is kinda related to #4, but I think it deserves it's own catagory. I am SO thankful for the new Sara Groves cd. I told you I'd be eatting my words. You should get this cd. you NEED to get this cd. I was listening to the second disc last night which has a 30 minute interview with her and some demos and stuff...and during the interview I was just laying in bed crying. she's gotten to the other side of the "something" and I'm still kinda in the middle.

6. Work. Thank you JESUS that you have given me work in the past month. I think that one's pretty self explainatory.

7. I'm thankful that God has blessed "what I got instead". (I'm telling you, the whole cd is speaking to me)

8. I'm thankful for 75% Off Books.

9. I'm thankful for high speed internet.

10. ...that God has been allowing me to write a lot lately, and that it's actually turning out decent. I like writing...bet you didn't know that.

11. I am thankful that it's time for me to leave work and praying that traffic will not be as hellish as it was this morning.

peace out