Monday, April 19, 2004

Thanks to Jack for the blogger info. Apparently it's just this computer here at work that had some whack settings happening.

So I've been doing some research about going on a detox diet. There is a ton of info out on it right now. I didn't realize it was such a fad. I just knew that my friend Heather had done it cause she was working for this health nut family and they conned her into. But she said more than anything it just helped her think about what she eats and kind of make a break in old habits and stuff. This girl pretty much had a huge sweet tooth and cut out refined sugar completely but it started by doing the detox thing. I told her she was totally nuts when she started eatting soy chocolate and crap. But I've been thinking about it, and it'd pretty much be pointless right now, cause I really can't "choose" what I eat so much. I mean I can, but like when you live with a family it's like you eat what they eat. And my family does eat pretty healthily. I personally would like to see things go a little more organic, but mom says it's too time consuming. Yeah well, so is dying. Just kidding. It's also more expensive, but there are actually quite a few whole food and "granola" stores in dallas so prices are decently competitive. So I think I'll wait on it at this point until I get back to Mesa or something and have more control over what I eat.

In other news...

I lead worship sunday morning for the high school group. And to be totally selfish and whiny I want to go back "where every body knows my name" and where I hold some authority and respect. Not cause I need like a power trip, but because I spent a lot of years cultivating that kind of atmosphere in the ministry I was involved with at Trinity. (i know that sounds ridiculous coming from someone who's not quite 21, but when you start something in 9th grade you don't have to be very old to have put a lot of years into it) There is this idea in people here that in worship you stand for the fast songs and sit for the slow songs. lame. So yesterday I had already started playing "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" (they are also at least a decade behind on music) and one of the girls that was singing says, "Y'all can sit down now". And I'm like 1. Who died and made you boss? 2. Way to break the flow - there was a really tight sense of God's presence and just randomly throwing in something like that pretty much didn't help 4. Don't tell people how to worship 5. Hello I'M leading

Ok I know #1 and #5 are kinda the same, and honestly I promise it's not a power, importance, worship leader "complex". And i know these kids totally do not get that worship is more than music, that the leader is there for more than just telling people when to stand, sit and clap. I dunno it just feels like I've taken a step backwards about 6 years. And before everyone jumps on my case, I KNOW that it's a good opportunity to kind of teach and disciple these kids and stuff to bring some new mindsets and thinking into a pretty rigid set up, and I am thankful for that. And I DO realize that it did take years to finally get a group of kids at trinity that did understand that , and it took a while for that mindset to become the "norm". I'm just saying it's always frustrating taking a step back.

Blah blah.

I found a new show I'm addicted to. Which I'm sure you are all thrilled about considering I pretty much have one a night already. The exception to that rule has been Monday's. There is nothing on monday nights. Until now. Yesterday on Bravo they had a "The Restaraunt" marathon. I hadn't even heard of this show cause I was in oz, but dude, it's so good. And besides the quality and level of dining, there were actually a lot of parallels b/w what the people on the show were going through and what we went through last year at Bo-Ma opening a new restaraunt and all. And so yesterday while I was cleaning the house and doing laundry for my mom and stuff, I pretty much watched 5 hours of that show. No, I wasn't sitting on my butt the whole time and I can pretty much guarantee that I have never done that ever in my life before. But this show was so riviting. I guess because I've always wanted to open a restaraunt or cafe or something like that as well, it's just interesting to see how hard it actually is. So tonight starts the second season of "The Restarant" and I'm so glad that there is finally something worth watching on Monday nights. So now my weekly tv regimine goes like this:
Monday: The Restarant
Tuesday: Gilmore Girls interspersed with American Idol while GG is at commercial.
Wednesday: I'm pretty much not home on wed. nights any more, but if I am, I'm watching AI results show, and I used to watch The Apprentice reruns, but as will all know, Omarosa screwed Kwame over and Bill won.
Thursday: This is by far the best tv night of the week. Survivor All-Stars, Will and Grace, ER
Friday: There's nothing on friday so I usually read or play music or watch a movie or something non-tv. If I had friends, I'd go out, but I don't so I stay in. Or go out by myself. I'd go out with my mom, but that's pretty much old at this rate.

K I'm off to go find another near by Starbucks. One that doesn't end in a dead end cul-de-sac...peace.