Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Things I have learned today:

1. Arabic is an impossibly hard language.

2. I am impossibly impatient. (I already knew that tho)

3. "All Things Are Possible" - Darlene Zschech (and you thought I was quoting scripture)

4. SuperTarget is super cool and requires much more than a 30 minute lunch break.

5. There are 193 countries in the world, unless Taiwan gets absorbed by China, then there's 192.

6. Some guy driving a truck somewhere in Dallas loves canoing.

7. This aboriginal women just expressed the feelings of many australians

8. Strawberry Cream Slushes from Sonic are adicting.

9. God is crazy and likes to mix things up a lot of times.

10. People that work on semiconductors all day have no social skills.