Thursday, April 22, 2004

Today I busted out some old skool hillsong united stuff. By old skool I mean "To the Ends of the Earth". Trust me, it's ancient by now. I'm sure I've posted these lyrics in here before but i felt to do it again with the context of both of these songs. It's not a coincidence that they flow one into the other. I was actually tempted to turn it off cause I couldn't handle it, but I was in the shower with shampoo in my hair which I took as God saying "Listen". More comments after the lyrics...

By: Marty Sampson

You're the one who gives me shelter...
and you're the light that leads me home
you're the love that gave forever...
Lord you're all that I know

And all that I am... unto you I surrender...
Lord there is none like you
And I know that I stand... in the arms of forever...
Lord there is none like you

There is none like you

Verse 2:
With the world upon your shoulders...
Lord you gave your life away
if the world I know was over...
I know I'd have life in the price You paid

And I will stand...and I will worship You forever... for all You are
And I will stand...and all to you I will surrender... I'll worship you forever

To the Ends of the Earth
By: Joel Houston

Love unfailing
Overtaking my heart
You take me in
Finding peace again
Fear is lost in all You are

And I would give the world to tell You're story
Cause I know that You've called me
I know that You've called me
I've lost myself for good within Your promise
I won't hide it
I won't hide it

Jesus, I believe in You
And I would go to the ends of the earth
To the ends of the earth
For You alone are the Son of God
And all the world will see
That You are God
You are God.

In both songs I found it alot easier to sing the "God" bits than the "surrender" bits. It's so easy to sing, "Jesus I believe in You"...but..."and I would go to the ends of the earth" doesn't roll of the tongue quite so easily. Likewise, it's great to sing "Lord there is none like you" but to add faith to that and say "All that I am unto You I surrender". I couldn't sing it. Then I had to sing it, cause I know that for me, if I start speaking things out in the flesh, even if my heart isn't on board yet, it eventually will be. In a sense it was surrendering even to take that step cause I really didn't want to sing.
It's kinda funny, and kinda not but when I was at college last year we'd sing those songs and I'd mean it will all of my heart cause I thought "Look at me Jesus, I AM at the end of the earth and it's all for you. Look God I've surrendered a heck of a lot, aren't you proud?" I don't know if He was, but I sure was. Now, when he's challening me to take that statement of faith a step further, to really surrender and say "Jesus I believe in you" to allow my fears to be lost in him it's not as wholehearted or easy.

At the same time, I feel really contradictory, cause I know in my heart of hearts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay deep down there that I honestly would go anywhere, surrender whatever. I KNOW I would. I know that I couldn't say no to my Jesus. I might not like it at first, I might go pouting and stomping my feet for the first few miles to make sure he KNEW I wasn't happy about this. But I would go, and I would have peace, and after a while I'd be ok with it.

Subject change.

You wanna hear a really gross story? Of course you do, unless your liene and start gagging when I say "I cut my nail too short". whatever.
So I DID cut my nail too short, my right hand index finger. The one that I hold my pick with when I play. Well last night during worship practice the only pick I could find in my case, I had a whole stash at home, was an old floppy one and like sometimes when I get outta control (cause I'm hard core) my finger kinda hits the strings and stuff. Well usually my nail is there and it's no big deal, but last night my nail was NOT there and my finger started to kill. I blame it on playing "My Redeemer Lives" like a mad woman. Anyway, so I noticed after a while that this blister had formed on the top of my finger. So after practice I went home really quick to grab my good picks and I put a band-aid on my finger. Well the band aid didn't last cause it really decreased my mobility so I just decided to suffer for Jesus. During "Better is One Day" I felt like all this wet stuff on my hand and I thought, "COOL my finger is bleeding! I"m finally a real guitarist!" Well, it wasn't blood but my blister had popped and ooooooozed all over my hand. I told you it was gross. But seriously how cool is that. Or maybe it just shows my serious lack of technique. ha.

Time for another cool link. This one is pretty random. When I was searching for those lyrics I found this site that has seriously ALL the lyrics to any Hills song that has made it onto a cd ever. It's cool. So if you use it in conjuction with the chord charts on
pwarchive it could be really cool. The random part comes in cause the site is actually a sound track lyrics site and if you go to the home page I can't find where the hills stuff would be and when I search for it on their site it doesn't come up, but when you go through Google, they manage to come up with it. So here is the direct link for all your hillsong lyric needs.