Wednesday, April 14, 2004

you know what I don't like about xanga is that you have to be a member to leave comments! How lame is that! Well much to my surprise, I actually AM a member. Who knew? I was trying to leave a comment on her and it took me to this sign in thing so I randomly tried my generic username/password combo and it worked. ha. So then once i found that out I thought about opening an account cause I think you can do cooler stuff with xanga easier than you can with blogger, but I'm quite partial to blogger. I feel some sense of loyalty. That and it's always a big to do when you up and leave one place for another.

So I would like to know why old creepy men are attracted to me. Do I give off some vibe that says "If you are old, and weird I want you bad"? I hope not, but I'm starting to wonder. I went out to the lake today to be alone (wow, I really am like Christ) and to read and write and think and chill. For a while I was just walking around by the shore but then wanted to do some studying so I went to my truck and moved it so the back was facing the lake so I could put the tailgate down and sit in the bed. (Yeah, white trash, I know). So it was working out well I was reading, not really finding anything useful for what I was looking for, but it's always good to be in the Word no matter what. So a while later this guy in a dodge ram pulls up next to me, rolls down the window of his truck and yells out "Beautiful day isn't it". A more precise statement would have been, "Beautiful day, WASN'T it." WHy do weird guys just start talking to me??? Seriously I was sititng there minding my own business, don't bother people that are reading. Unless you're this guy. He get's out of his truck, lights up a cigarette and proceeds to tell me his life story. And about one summer when he went to "looooseeana" and it was the most humid place he'd ever been. THEN he asks if I have a boyfriend! Well as a matter of fact I do, and he's back in PHoenix where I'm from. He was very sympathetic, noting that he'd had a few failed long distance relationships. Not surprising. He probably bothered his girlfriends when they were reading. ANyway, it was after noon by that time and I pulled an "Oh look at the time" and left. Truth is, I could have stayed there a couple more hours.

If you are a creepy old man, and you like preying on young ladies who are innocent and minding their own business, I beg you, just leave them alone!

On another note, I'm leading worship for youth tonight. Thank goodness i found that site yesterday.