Friday, April 30, 2004

You know you have become far too involved in a tv show when you start praying for the characters. Sad but true. I've been watching ER for many years now and have gone through many ups and downs with the staff of the County General emergency room so I kind of feel personally involved. Like if I went to Chicago, I'd try to go there, and say hi to Carrie, and John, and Abby, and Elizabeth. But I think I definitely crossed a line last night when I started praying for the former "nurse Abby" who is now "Psych consult Abby" who finally got up enough guts to take her boards and have a chance at being a real doctor. I just really really want her to pass them. She's worked so hard, and so long, and she's SO good. If I went to an ER (God forbid) I would definitely want to have an Abby. Does this seem wrong to anyone else? I think it probably will.

ANyway, the place I'm working at bought pizza for lunch today and I'm starving...lates.