Thursday, May 20, 2004

I have so much to write and so little time. And honestly, I'd rather be playing my guitar. New strings...mmmmmmmm. But I know I need to write so I can move on with new thoughts that will swirl and spin and torment my head.

First, how good is it to be a Diamondbacks fan this week. Well every week really, I wouldn't want to be a fan of any other team that's for sure. But seriously, my man Randy Johnson tore it up the other night. The only thing that would have made it sweeter is if they were playing AT BOB against the Yankees. But in my book Atlanta is hated right after the Yankees so it was pretty sweet. Although, I was very glad that the fans there went nuts. I mean I'd go nuts if I watched one of the greatest pitchers of all time throw his first perfect game, even if he was on the other team. Unless it was the Yankees. Then I'd just swear. Anyway, goodonya Randy. Please don't leave us after this season when you become a free agent. Arizona loves you.

Speaking of Australia, Guy Sebastian (Australian Idol) was on American Idol last night, and sang his (lame unfortunately) "Idol song". But man that guy (no pun intended) can bust a note or two. And here's the really sad thing...he had an accent. *cringe* I need to go back. I need to leave, and go home to my mother land. The great south land of the Holy Spirit. The land of red dust plains, and summer rains. sigh.

Actually I think I unknowingly started writing a song about Australia this morning in traffic. I found out that a really good way to kill time is to journal in traffic, and I had this progression and melody in my head, but no words, and then I got words. See I've been having this battle with myself. All of my songs are pretty serious. Which is ok, but I need to lighten up. But when I start to write songs like that they all sound cheesy. Then I started listening more closely and studying "fluff" songs. Like, who the heck though it would be a good idea to write, "They say it's your birth..nah nah nah nah nah" There's already a cheesy birthday song. I heard an upbeat song today that wasn't cheesy. I can't remember the band, but it was back from like jr hi/ hi school days. The chorus is "Don't give up you've got the music in you, one dance left..." I dunno something like that. My favorite line is, "Come around we'll kick your ass innnnnnnnnn!" I just like the mental picture. Think about it for a second. An indented ass. Funny huh. Man, I've been slipping on the swearing thing. It's all in reference tho. So yeah last night I started writing a cheesy song about how single I am. How I'm almost 21 and that's also how long I've been without a man. I quit writing after a few lines. It was so painfully cheesy, and the quintessential country song. I'm considering writing the lyrics, but you'll all laugh at me. Well I guess I laughed at me. Sometimes you have to write cheesy songs. They make your ok songs look better. But you'll get a kick out of these. Don't say I'm not vulnerable in here.

21 years I've been alive
Funny that's the same ammount of time
I've been without a man of my own

I guess I have my dad and brother
but no special friend or life long lover...

That's it. I couldn't bear it any more. All I could hear was Reba MacIntier's voice in my head and a lap guitar.

So Sunday is my birthday. I'll be 21. Like the song said. I've already recived the first trickle of what I expect to be a FLOOD of gifts so you'd better get on it. Here's what I want:
1. A hair straightener
2. A car
3. A new guitar
4. A new electric guitar
5. Lots of money
6. The David Crowder Band "Illuminate" cd
7. Any Christian rap or hip-hop cd (Grits, KJ-52, the new Rueben, Paul Wright, the Verbs, etc.)
8. A boyfriend
9. Tickets to Sydney and a paid registration to Hillsong Conference in July
10. To be able to move to AZ
11. Booze
12. The new Nora Jones cd or Wilco or Nickle Creek or Silverchair: Diorama or Outkast: Speakerboxx/The Love Below
13. For my grandparents' neighbor Eileen to heal and realize she needs Jesus.
14. Some recording software and equipment for my laptop
15. For someone to pay my college tuition

I guess that's pretty much it. I'm sure something on the list will fit within everyone's budget. =)

Well I'm out to my brothers third concert of the week. That kid. Gotta love him.