Friday, May 14, 2004

I knew something like this was going to happen. I kneeeeeeeew it.
This week I interviewed and signed up with a new temp agency. I love Remedy (agency #1) but they haven't had a whole lot of stuff going on. I decided since I had some free time I'd check out another agency and see if they had anything going on. So I went to agency #2 (new agency, not yet worthy of my endorsment by putting their name in here) and they were all very bitchy. Seriously. I was really confused a lot of the time when I was there because I didn't know if they didn't like me personally or if they just had sticks up their butts. After Liene recieved a call yesterday for some references it was confirmed to be the latter. But I'm not going to discriminate against your snobbishness if you get me work. So this morning around 9:00 I got a call from #2 saying they had something for me next Wed-Fri. which works out well cause I have something lined up with Remedy on Tuesday. So I said, yeah sure. Well she didn't have a lot of info when she called, like oh I dunno WHERE I NEEDED TO GO, so she was going to call me back. So 5 minutes later the phone rings and I'm like oh it's her...oh no, it was Jenni from Remedy. "Hey, Mel (I let them call me Mel cause they're cool and I like them) I have some good news. (oh crap!) I got a week long for you next week instead of just the tuesday thing. (seriously oh crap)" ", ummmmmmmmmmmm"
I felt like Judas betraying Jesus when I told her I had just accepted a wed-fri with another agency. My Remedy people have been SO good to me. THe other day I went in to pick up some time cards, and Jenni said they were just having a conversation about how much they loved me and wished they could clone me so I could still work my temp jobs, but so they could send me out for some temp to hire stuff as well. Hello! Betrayal. On top of that she said she had already filled my Tuesday job so that I could take the week long. Kickin' me while I'm down. (You have to understand, that I am the type of personality that is fiercely loyal. I don't have a lot of close friends because the close friends I do have I invest everything into. And I'm pretty much like that with everything in life. I didn't even want to check out another temp agency, but my head and bank account told me otherwise.)
Because I had told Remedy that I would take a longer assignment if one popped up earlier this week, I felt that I could honestly say they had first dibs. So I told Jenni I'd fix everything and call her back. So I called #2, and once again got the "stick up the butt" feeling from them. The lady that initially called me hadn't called me back yet (it had probably been a good 20 minutes by now) so I called and asked for her, and I could hear the receptionist talking to her (hello people, it's called "hold")
"Um, Melanie is on the phone regarding an assignment next week"
"What assignment?" (Ok, how many Melanie's can you have working next week, that you JUST talked to?)
Me: "It was the Wed.-Fri."
Lady in background: "I told her I'd call her right back"
Reception: "She'll call you right back"
Me: "Ok, but something just came up since she called me and I can't work next week"
Reception: "Oh.....................................ok bye"
Me: "Oh,actually I have one more question"
Reception: "Uh huh"
Me: "Would I be able to come by and pick up some time cards incase something else comes up in the future?"
Reception: "Um, why do you need a time card???"
Me: (Gee I don't know maybe cause I don't work for free?) "Oh, do you not use time cards?"
Reception: "It's faxed to you on the first day of an assignment."
Me: "Oh, ok I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of that. Thank you."
Reception: click
Me: @)#(*@&%$

So then I feel like a flake, which I HATE, but I'm glad I can work for Remedy. So I call Jenni back.
J:"Thanks for calling Remedy, this is Jenni"
M: "Hey Jenni it's Melanie"
J: "Heeeeeeeey, what's up buttercup" (not joking, that's really what she said)
M: "I am all yours next week"
J: "Yay! Not that I'm possessive of you or anything" and proceeds to give me the job details.

I Kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew something like this would happen. I hate it. And I'm trying to get over it but my two hugest pet peeves have been committed. 1. Flakiness and 2. Disloyalty. But inspite of it all, I guess it's better to have two people fighting to give you work than have no work at all. Thanks a lot God. No matter how close I come, you never let me get quite to the point of forgetting your faithfulness.