Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What's up party people...it's been a while. See the problem is that I had a job last week where they actually made me work. Rude. And actually I'm going back there tomorrow. They really liked me, and I really liked them, it's a really cool office but they kind of make their temps do really crappy jobs. I'm not complaining. I promise. I'm hugely thankful. I'd rather be doing sucky stuff in a good environment than good stuff in a crap environment. And they have Starbucks coffee there, which is always a plus. But for today, and yesterday, I'm at another "nothing" job. I have really been quite productive. My arabic is progressing, and I was able to do some seriously good bible studying at work. I definitely recommend biblegateway.com. You can do all kinds of keyword or scripture searches, and they seriously have EVERY translation. Well, maybe not every, but a lot. All the ones you would probably want NIV, NKJV, AMP, MSG, NLT, NASB, and NIV-UK which I find particularly interesting. Plus a lot of translations I've never used. I've been reading through Mark, and man, it should be subtitled "You can't put Jesus in a box". The Guy is all over the map. In chapter 4 alone he does 2 healings and 1 exorcism. He never uses the same method twice. He tells the lady her faith healed her, the religious guy to not speak of his daughter that was brought to life, but tells the guy that was delivered to go home and tell everyone. ???? I love that you can't pin Jesus down. Because it's just further proof that he is so infinitely beyond us. You can pretty much label humans. As much as we try to be hard core and talk crap about not being able to be labeled we can be. We are predictable creatures of habit, which is probably why we like to try look for some kind of "formula" for healing and deliverence not to mention evangelism, prayer, the perfect church, etc. It's such a sticky area cause you have all the theologians and scholars giving definitions to everything and on the opposite side you have all the airy fairies saying God is in the trees and I think Jesus pretty much hits every point in between the two extremes. John defines him as "the Word" and "Love". Paul talks about His Spirit alive within us. No wonder people who are anti-christian say it's contraditory. Anyway, blah blah blah. If you haven't read Mark in a while, it's a good one. And it's decently short so if you go to biblegateway.com you can like read it in a bunch of different versions, which is always fun.

The book of the week is God Chicks by Holly Wagner. It's ok. She's definitely a better speaker than writer. But I'm trying to teach my self how to read faster and this is a good book for that. I'm hoping that one day I can read as fast as Liene or krys. I'm a ridiculously slow reader for all the books I have yet to get through.

Um I have a few new favorite songs. If you haven't heard them, you definitely should. The first is "My Band" by D12 (Emenem's new group). It makes me laugh. The second song makes me laugh even more and I have to wear a diaper if I watch the video. "Roses", the new single by Outkast. They are brilliant and need Jesus. Basically the chorus is something like, "I know you prolly thank that yo sh- don't stank/but if you get a little closer you find/roses really smell like poo poo" Trust me, if you haven't heard it, it's good. I"m definitely going through a huge hip hop stage. There's some good stuff happening in rock, like Jet and Hoobastank. Oh man, ok another new favorite song is the new Hoobastank song, "The Reason". I heard it 3 times on the way home yesterday. Surprisingly good lyrics. "I've found a reason for me/ to change who I used to be,/ a reason to start over new/and the reason is you/ I've found a reason to show/ a side of me you didn't know/ a reason for all that I do/ and the reason is you". Obviously sung to a girl, but I think it's great. Definitely better than so many horrible songs that are SO degrading to women. As much as I like the beats in "take that and rewind it back", it still kind of shocks me that it's acceptable for songs like that to get airplay. Though I guess the booty smacking is probably consentual since she asks for one more dance. Same with Maroon 5, I love the beat and the instrumentation but not so keen on the words. Anyway...that's all for the Melanie Music Update. (And I can hear Leah and krys saying "thank God, the girl must have lost all sense of good music".) I promise I haven't. I'm listening to Caedmon's Call right now, does that make up for it?

I would now like to commemorate a milestone in my relationship with my dad. Last night, we were talking about Iraq and politics, and we *gasp* agreed on something! My dad and I rarely agree when it comes to politics. This is the guy that only listens to talk radio and thinks Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are brilliant. He believes in big cars, big guns, big companies, big tax breaks, capitalism, and privatized medical care. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure he votes party lines. (Side note: my dad's never been out of America, well except for Canada but that was for like a week.) Anyway, we usually clash on a lot of things mostly having to do with cars, guns, health care, and the war. We clash on the war a lot. Let me just say, I respect Bush as the president, I support him because of his position. I think it's good we got Sadaam, I think it's good that the grip of the Taliban has been weakened over Afghanistan. I despise the military personel who were cruel enough to torture the Iraqi prisoners the way they did, and STUPID enough to take pictures of it. Did they think they'd put it on their mantle when they got back home? So now a hand full of people have ruined any progress we had made in the region, have thrown the reputation of America further down the crapper, and according to one analyst have set us back TWENTY years. (Not surprisingly, some, if not all are from TX...)
So my dad and I were talking about this, and I wasnt' surprised that he was furious with the military for all this crap, he is a human, but he actually started to break and agree that we might be going about this whole war thing wrong. !!!!! He agreed that our efforts to create a peaceful, stable, democratic nation in a region that has been divided and warring since the beginning of time is probably futile. Not saying that we just give up and pull out, but that Bush and his leadership may need to modify their goals and tactics. Something else we were talking about was the oppression that is rampant in the ME countries that are stable, with decent economies. He proposed the idea that democracy only works when people have a mutual respect for eachother and are somewhat united. And the reason why the gov'ts have to be so controlling and dictatorial is because there isn't the level of respect and unity in the region. If there wasn't control, there would be chaos. Like when the USSR dissovled and Bosnia and Sarejevo went nuts on eachother. I dunno, I've just never thought of it from that pov before. So that was interesting.

Well I think this is freaking long and random, and it's also officially time for me to pee. =)