Saturday, June 05, 2004

Alright so I think I figured out photoblogging... all on my own. =) I want to be really girly about that picture and talk about how fat I look. But I won't cause no one likes hearing about that. Anyway, I just wanted to expirament with photoblogging, and that was a good excuse.

So my aunt, uncle, and cousin are here. The cutest, smartest 2 and a half year old IN THE WORLD. I'm sure there will be lots of pictures of him posted in the next few days. And Liene is still not here. Just in case you were wondering if she came back. She didn't. Jerk. Kidding.

I also owe you, my blog audience, a story about a poetry reading at a cafe that involved a big black man singing in his boxers. Well...
Tuesday night L and I decide that we want to go out for the night. Or maybe I said "We are not staying at my house." I don't remember. Anyway we decided to go to this cafe place in a section of Dallas called Deep Ellum. It's kind of known as the "artsy" part of town. Lots of clubs, cafes, "weird" stores, etc. It's also in the ghetto. Anyway, we found the cafe we had intended on going to called Cafe Brazil, but then found a cooler one called Insomnia. Yeah, which would you rather go to. So we go there and really there's nothing happening, caues it's like 8pm on a stormy tuesday night. But we get some coffees and sit down and chat. Good chats. Good times. (Here I would like to write a little aside and say how it's totally a blessing and a curse to have friends that know you well and are able and willing to speak the truth in love into your life.) So we find out that at 9pm every tuesday they have poetry readings. And you have to understand how great this is, cause L HATES poetry. So I was laughing. I don't think they actually started the thing until closer to 10ish. ANyway, it was storming so bad that the guy running the cafe LOCKED the front door cause the hinge was broken and the door kept opening and slamming shut with the wind, and rain was comming in, etc. So there we sit, trapped in a cafe with poetry readings. So this HUGE black guy came in and was a "regular" as far as I could tell, his name was Robert, and he had just walked from his church to the cafe. Or so he said. So Robert said he wanted to sing tonight, even though it was poetry night, and the guy running the show who was a grown up Steven Steinbrink said "Ok". Someone started the thing with an original and then Robert came up to his green boxers. He apologized and said his jeans were drying after having walked to the cafe in the rain. He said he was a God fearing man and was ashamed for singing in public in his boxers. He didn't look ashamed. He proceded to sing two "songs" (i don't think they had a definite melody...maybe he was singing in the Spirit) one when he had first started dating his most recent girlfriend, and the second from 3 mos. later when she left him without a word. It was really weird, and I didn't know whether to laugh, or cry, or say "get a grip man". We sat around for a bit longer until L couldn't take anymore then we drove home in the most ridiculous rain ever. The End.

I'm going to go say good night to Nathan.