Monday, June 28, 2004

I just watched one of Michael Moore's first movies on the Independant Film Channel. It was called The Big One and was basically his book tour for "Downsize This" video taped. I've never seen a MM movie before. Basically cause I thought he must be some crazy liberal, left-wing, commie, jerk.
He's actually probably a lot more patriotic than I care to be, and one of the more compassionate guys out there. I was seriously blown away. Not to mention that this doco and the book and everything was about the evils of corporate America...which REALLY motivates me to go to work tomorrow. One of his big things was to go to companies that were downsizing or had recently downsized during a year of record profits and give them one of those huge ceremonial check type things. Except he wrote the check for like 80 cents and said it was to pay the first hour of labor for their first employee at their new plant in mexico. My company totally out sources a huge portion of it's customer service to Mexico. Which is actually really funny because they aren't all fluent english speakers. One of the ladies I work with a lot speaks fluent spanish, and refuses to speak to them in spanish. I love it. Anyway...

I found this really interesting website this evening when I was doing some research on ministries that serve homosexuals. I think there's about 2. Anyway, don't judge this book by it's cover, cause of all the sites I went through, I think this one actually had the best content. It could definitely use some design help, but I'm kind of a form over funtion girl anyway. So the site isStonewall Revisited You should check it out.

And now I'm checking out.
Peace out.