Sunday, June 06, 2004

I love and hate when God starts pounding you with confirmation about something. I love it because it reminds me of His faithfulness and grace. I hate it because then the ball is in my court to obey. He can show me a path all He wants but I have to do the walking.
The thing is tho, the more God confirms, the more the passion and desire builds with in me. Sometimes I wonder if it's just the idea and pursuit of something new that I get excited about. Going somewhere new, doing something different, experiencing a different culture. But I think God has been putting an honest compassion and love in my heart.
One of the things I love about having my aunt and uncle around is that we actually talk. We communicate. Even the 4 memebers of my family. Maybe it's just having new blood around. Anyway, after lunch today my dad, uncle, and I sat around and talked for a really long time. The conversation wove in and out of many topics, but at one oint we were talking about the war. My aunt wasn't in on the conversation but had walked into the room at that moment, and said something like "We should just nuke the whole area". I got so so so mad. I mean, mad. It was just such an ignorant, American, blanket statement. Yes, let's just kill millions of innocent people. That's a super idea. Some other stuff she said about religion in that area, and belifes just really upset me. Like 1. How can you belive the American media, and 2. Christians can be/ have been asses too.

If the same discussion would have taken place a year ago, I definitely think my response would have been different. Just bein' honest. Me and Andre 3K.