Sunday, June 27, 2004

I went to Morning Star Church this morning. Seriously, I've considered staying in Dallas just so I could go there. It's such a great church. Definitely the friendliess church I've been to around here.

My eyes are still killing me. It's so hard not to touch them. I feel like a little kid. I'm getting better at putting the drops in. Sometimes they land on my eyelid and i just kind of tilt my head around until it gets into my eye. Whatever works.

I'm giving a girl a guitar lesson in about 10 minutes. I have NO idea how this is going to work. She's a college student and a niece of this lady that goes to Lake Ridge. She's played piano forever, so it will help to not have to go over "this is a staff". But still I have no idea. I pretty much told her that flat out too, and she was cool with it. So I'm excited to just kind of use her as a guinea pig to figure out how to give lessons, cause it's something that I would like to start doing, and most likely will start doing in the fall with some church stuff. And even after I told her I had no idea what I'd be doing, she still said she wanted to pay me! $10 for 30 minutes every week. What kind of college student is she? The even funnier thing is that I haven't been able to replace my D string that I broke last week in church so I'm going to be trying to teach someone guitar on a gimp guitar. right. I'll let you know how that goes. latah.