Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm stealing this from L but it's really really funny and you should try it. I didn't get around to it until just now, but I needed that laugh.

Go to Google

Type in "weapons of mass destruction" as your search

Click the "I'm feeling lucky" button NOT the google search button and read the warning. Hilaaaaaarious.

So it's almost 6:00pm, I've been at work all day, and I"m still not awake. I hate the transition from vacation mode to work mode. hate. Who wants to wake up a 6am when the day before I didn't wake up until nearly lunch time. booooo. But I did it, and I got to work and did NOTHING ALL DAY. So annoying. There was so much nothing to do that they sent me home an hour early. I was hoping to get home early to work on the car, but alas and alack traffic held me back. wiggy wack. jack. don't give me no smack. or I'll knock you off track. freestylin and I don't lack an abundance of rhymes I wish I was black.

Anyway, I also feel like I'm missing my right arm, or those little kickable dogs that follow you around and bite your heals. Not that there is a comparison b/w a best friend and a limb, or a dog, but that's just how I feel. It's amazing how quickly you adapt to situations and then when things return to "normal" you feel like something is wrong.

So I got my hair cut. Not just trimmed. Cut. It's short. Too short. But it'll grow back. Wiggy wack. When the lady cut it, I had her straighten got kinda screwed yesterday so I did it curly this morning which made it that much more shorter. I have layers in the front that won't go into a pony tail. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that it's not what I was expecting at all. I think I'm definitely going to have to wear it straight more often until it grows out a bit cause it's just short. I don't know if my hair has been this short since the "Great Mistake of Sixth Grade". If you didn't know me then...which none of you glad. They called me mop head.

Um so I think I'm gonna go. Oh but first I have a cd rec. You should DEFINITELY get the new Passion: Hymns cd. Even if it's just for the last track. But the rest of the cd is really good as well. I really love hyms, mostly cause the words are so meaningful, and a lot of these songs are arranged or instrumented in a more palatable way. Good stuff. Aight peace out dawg.