Wednesday, June 30, 2004

So guess who didn't go to work today. oh yeaaaaaaaah.
Well not so much. This damn pink eye won't go away. It was getting better but then yesterday afternoon and this morning it got so much worse. So my boss wouldn't let me come in, cause she's afraid I'm going to infect the whole office and then they'll really be screwed. Don't know if I'm going in tomorrow. It really depends on how I feel in the morning. I'm doing ok right now, but it hasn't really been good all day. So lame, seriously.

I must say, the break has been nice. I was starting to go psycho and counting the hours until I leave for AZ. 1 month and 7 days. orrr 37 days. that's not a lot. I can make it. me make it. We have this monday off for 4th of July so that will help too.

So today I was so lazy. soooooo lazy. I watched Kissing Jessica Stein 3 times. Once with commentary, which was fabulous. Seriously, this is my new favorite movie. I don't think I've ever had a favorite movie before. I mean I go in phases, Shrek, Finding Nemo, Two Weeks Notice. Then there's always they classics I can watch a million times, Grease, Apollo 13, Clueless (yes it's a classic), You've Got Mail. But I wouldn't say any of them are my favorite. My Fair Lady is my favorite musical, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite disney movie, Dumb and Dumber is my favorite idiotic movie. But there's never been an over all, hands down, flat out this is my favorite movie. And I think this one might be it. So watching it with the commentary really inspired me to write, cause it was the two girls who play the main characters and wrote and produced the movie comentating. And it was like here is how our dream came to be. Very inspiring. It made me want to be a playwrite. I don't think that's happening. But I did write a lot this afternoon. I'm not sure what I'm writing. It's too long to be an article, too short to be a book, it's not fiction, or biographical, or self-help, or "christian living" (what kind of genre is that anyway?) we'll see. I'd like to write a book one day.

So I did that, I played a lot of piano, and did some really Spirit lead praying which is always refreshing. I'm so excited to go home. Have I said that yet? sigh. I'm also insanely jealous of all these people going to australia. And all these people getting married. Today I talked to a friend from YWAM who was telling me about the thousands of people from my DTS that are either allready married, or are getting married. I SO WANT TO BE MARRIED. Not just dating, courting, in a relationship. I want to be married. How ridiculous is that? Seriously. I'm way too young. Way way too young. But I feel so ready. If that's ever possible. At bible study a couple weeks ago, the week I lead worship, we were talking about the service that morning and all the girls were like "It was so awesome, blah blah blah". And then this one girl started on this tangent about "I saw you up there and was thinking, man some guy is going to be SO lucky to get her. She's such a catch". And I was like, wow, I have to idea what to do with that. But before I could say anything the two other girls chimed in and were like "yeah totally". One of them was like, yeah I was thinking that too, but like how you are going to get the man that we are all going to want. And I was like "What the hell!" I didn't say that tho, cause then they probably would have just recanted their statements. But seriously it was so out of the blue, but I totally took it and claimed it as prophecy from the Lord. ha.

Well I think I might go to bed a bit early and try to get some rest so I can get better and go to work tomorrow.
37 days