Saturday, June 26, 2004

So hey everybody, guess what???
I've got pink eye! and not just in one eye, but both! yay!
I have no idea how I got it. Even the doctor this morning was like, this is really weird. Yeah, can I just say that the greatest idea in the world is to have dr's offices open on a saturday. Last night my mom told me that if I woke up and my eye wasn't better that I had to go to the dr, and me trying to avoid going to the dr cause I really don't like it at all said, "but dr's aren't open on saturdays". Well the guy that plays drums at church owns his own clinic aaand it's open on saturday mornings. So I lost that battle, but it's hecka better than having to take time off work on monday to go in. So I'm getting a prescription filled for eye drops, which could be interesting because I am so crap at eye drops. Basically anything going near my eyes freaks me out. I would so rather go to the dentist than the opthomologist. You know when they blow air into your eyes? That always takes like 10 times for me, and the lady that does it always gets really pissy. And since I'm the only one around here, and there's no one to hold my eyes could be interesting.

I had a dream last night that I was engaged to the most gorgeous man. I was really upset when I woke up and it was just a dream. Not just gorgeous hot, but gorgeous godly. I don't know who this man was, but if he exsists, I would definitely like to meet him. And he was really big...not like tall, or fat, or scary weight lifter, but more rugby player or something and that's a quality that's on my "not neccesary but preferred list". well not really a list cause it's not written, but it's in there. there being my head. Since i'm not the most petite girl in the world I would really like to have a man that is big and at can make me feel safe and protected. And the guy, in the dream, drove a really hot mustang. Like a really nice fixed up classic one. And we were at the beach I think. It was a super dream.

Last night this girl claire and I hung out. It was really cool. There was a free concert at the dallas museum of art and it was soooooo good. Not just any concert by Branford Marsailis and his jazz quartet. Since my dad plays sax, I pretty much grew up listening to this guys records (yeah records) so it was really cool to see him live. Jazz blows my mind. Claire is a music major too so it was really cool to be there with someone who could appreciate it. I also wish my brother and dad and krystle could have been there. random? maybe, but I know they all would have loved it. Oh and leah...she's fun to go to stuff like that with. Not like "oh and leah" like I forgot, never mind.

Um so now I'm off to decontaminate my home from my pink eye germs so we can have sunday school here tomorrow.