Thursday, June 17, 2004

Sooooooooo I'm on hold with my crap cell phone company. Correction, my mom's crap cell phone company. We got a monster of a bill. Some of it is straight up my fault...kind of...but that's a long story. For that you can reference the "Cell Phone Bill War" of about a month ago. Anyway they charged me for text messaging...MY PHONE CAN'T EVEN TEXT MESSAGE. They also charged me for roaming calls in Houston, when my phone said it WASN'T roaming. what the bleep. So I figured I would take this time to be productive and blog. Mean while I'm getting a massive kink in my neck.
Where do I begin?? It's been such a long time.
I'm doing really good. Really really really good. I don't know how to expound on that, except to say that God is good, and faithful. aaaaaaaaaand now I have a live body talking to me on the phone telling me that my phone CAN text message. Jesus give me grace.