Tuesday, June 01, 2004

This is me having nothing of super importance to say, but having blog withdrawls. I love my blog. (}) Anyway, um, I did want to say thanks to everyone who emailed, called and commented after the depressing post. And thanks for not going crazy and telling me I'm not saved or something whack. I'm actually feeling really really good right now. Sunday I (we) went to Morning Star for church...I love that church. I seriously think I might start going there on a regular basis. I know a lot of my "valley issues" right now have to do with personal descisions and stuff, but I think a lot of it also has to do with a crappy church and no solid teaching. So I was kind of bummed cause their senior pastor (who is awesome) wasn't preaching that morning, but as per usual God knew what was up. This guy spoke about being people of great faith, not worrying, doubting, building yourself up, etc. Ok rewind before that tho...we sang an old skool United Live song (old skool as in 2001 off the Best Friend album) I think it's called "Fall on us Lord", I dunno...but it was weird cause Bec Mesiti wrote it and I like know her, and it was weird to be on the other side of the world singing a song written by someone you kinda know. Anyway...it's all about the Holy Spirit, and after we sang it (the first time) the pastors wife got up and totally had this word about people needing to open back up to the Holy Spirit. How we go through times where we act like teeagers, and we don't want to listen to Him and just want to do our own thing. Funny how at that point I was still acting like that...God get off my back already...I'm going to figure this out ok. Right. It did start breaking some walls down though. That combined with the sermon chisled a sizable crack in the concrete that's been put around my spirit. I've been in the Word a bit the past couple days and God's been speaking to me, and I've actually had a couple moments in the shower or while I was reading where I'd just start praying and tongues and not be able to stop. My chest is starting to feel lighter, and I'm starting to remember what life is all about. All this combined with laughing A LOT with liene has made for a fantastic week. And as much as I really really really don't want her to go (or actually want to go with her) I'm excited for this summer, and working, and I dunno what really. Going to the Hillsong tour? ha. Anyway, I'm out for now. Just needed to write. Hasta.