Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Holy crap I have to vent.  I'm at work.  It's slow today.  That's not why I'm venting.  And also, because I know at least what one person will be thinking, no one can see my monitor.  It faces a 2nd story window.  Anyway, venting...there is this girl who is a newish temp who likes to touch me.  Seriously.  It pisses me off.  And if I wasn't leaving in a week and a half I would probably complain about it cause it's totally in appropriate.  I don't even know this girl.  She doesn't even like me, and usually is really bitchy towards me.  But she likes to come along when I'm standing at the fax machine or talking to someone and poke me in the side, or like tap her fingers on my back when she's passing by.  GOOD LORD, DON'T FREAKING TOUCH ME! 
The other night, Liene said she's probably possessed.  I agreed, but think it would probably be frowned upon to perform an exorcism at work.
It's not like I'm even an anti-touch person.  I'm not like the most touchy feely person ever, but I've definitely gotten over a lot of my awkwardnesses in that area.  But you don't touch people in the work place.  Especially people you don't know, and especially not like that.  If you've worked with someone for years, and they're having a bad day, or a break down, or something that's one thing, but not this.

oo...ok I have work now...later.